AAA: Mild Gas Prices Continue Illinois/Indiana this Spring

AURORA, Ill., Apr. 3, 2015 — Drivers in Illinois and northern Indiana continue to enjoy relatively mild prices at the gas pump this spring. Illinois and Indiana drivers are currently paying on average $2.61 and $2.33 respectively for a gallon of regular unleaded. These prices reflect a rise of $.15 and a decline of $.08 from a month ago, and a decline from 2014’s prices of $3.76 and $3.70.
In March in Illinois, gas prices averaged $2.51, which was up $.16 from February 2015 but still $1.23 less than a year ago. In northern Indiana, gas prices averaged $2.45 in March, which was up $.20 from February 2015 and down $1.20 from March 2014.
“While prices in Illinois rose nearly $.20 in March, due to a number of refinery problems, prices over the past week have fallen nearly $.10,” said Beth Mosher, director of public affairs for AAA Chicago. “Even with the temporary price spike, prices have remained relatively low and should continue to stay that way through the summer driving season.” 
Other March monthly averages across the region:
Fuel prices are posted on-line at, which updates prices daily for unleaded, diesel and E85 blends of fuel.
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