AAA: A Sure Sign of Spring – Gas Prices are on the Rise

AURORA, Ill., Mar. 6, 2015 — For those who have been waiting throughout this long winter for signs of spring, the steady climb of gas prices as March begins is one of the first indicators. While gas price averages have been low for several months due to high supply and low demand, over the past month, drivers across Illinois and northern Indiana have seen that trend reversed. Illinois and Indiana drivers are currently paying on average $2.45 and $2.41 respectively for a gallon of regular unleaded. These prices reflect a rise of over $.20 and over $.15 from just a month ago.  

In February in Illinois, gas prices averaged $2.34, which was up $.27 from January 2015 but still $1.15 less than a year ago. In northern Indiana, gas prices averaged $2.26 in February, which was up $.31 from January 2015 and down $1.12 from February 2014.

“We are entering the time of year when refineries start their seasonal maintenance to prepare for the summer driving season,” said Beth Mosher, director of public affairs for AAA Chicago. “Yet even with the rise of gas prices, drivers are still faring much better than they did a year ago.” 
Other February monthly averages across the region:
Fuel prices are posted on-line at, which updates prices daily for unleaded, diesel and E85 blends of fuel.
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